Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assholocracy: I'm spreading the word.

Geoffrey Pullum, over at Language Log, posted recently about the word assholocracy. I happen to agree, so I'm reposting it here, to show my support! Some background:
I had been talking to Calvin one day about the ghastly crew of obnoxious multi-millionaires who dominate the newspapers, and how they keep threatening to achieve success even in the political arena. Calvin pointed out to me both that we need a new political term for the concept of being ruled by such men, and that there already is such a term. We are living, he observed, in the age of the assholocracy.
His call to action (an excellent one, I might add, since it worked!):
Think about the phrase "President Trump". Or even just "presidential candidate hand-picked and endorsed by Trump". Doesn't it chill you to the bone? ... So get out there and prepare the lexicographical ground. With words, we can win. Without the words, we don't have the concepts: just as the Eskimos have many apposite words for . . . no, never mind that; bad example. Just push the word  assholocracy wherever you have influence is what I'm saying.
You can read his full proposition by visiting his post, The Assholocracy.

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