Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Word Wednesdays: Fashion Words

A few days ago, I unsuspectingly leafed through a catalog I received in the mail from Boden. Let me tell you, it may now be one of my favorite clothing catalogs—the styles are so cute!

It also introduced me to a few clothing names that I was unfamiliar with and they are going to be our words today! Caveat: Boden is also really expensive, so there's very little chance that I'll ever end up owning anything from them—which also means that I'm not being compensated for referencing them in my post today. :)

Hand Knit GiletGilet

def.: a sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat or blouse; a vest

This would be perfect with a cute little belt! Boden has this adorable one for $138.

Fab Plimsolls

def.: a light, rubber-soled canvas shoe, worn especially for sports

I didn't know these had a special name—I always call them Keds! Boden has this adorable version starting at $78.

Rainyday Mac

def.: a raincoat that has been waterproofed by spreading rubber on cotton; generally does not include lapels or belts

I LOVE cute raincoats and these totally fit the bill. Boden has a variety of patterns for $174.

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