Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Word Wednesdays Goes LATIN!

Every time we go to Panama, there are three things I ALWAYS want to get to eat that you can't get here in the States:

  • Empanadas so fresh and delicious that it's a battle between eating it all at once and savoring every last bite. We get them from a stand on the side of the road a half hour outside of the city. It's next to an abandoned gas station and looks SO sketchy...but the empanadas....mmmmmmmm.....
  • Carimañolas, which I just discovered the last time we were down there, almost cannot be described. I can tell you what's in them (mashed yucca and seasoned beef), but you will not be able to understand WHY they are so good unless you try them. Unfortunately, like many tasty items, they are fried and really bad for you.
  • Batidas de frutas, however, have become my all-time must-have treat when we go to Panama, and it is this that will be our word for today.

translation: fruit shake

as in

We get batidas de frutas from this little shop that sits next to one of the main streets in Panama City. I'm told they're made with a mixture of fruit and ice cream, but I secretly think they must add something more, because no fruit shake I've ever had or attempted to make has ever been anywhere close to as delicious as the batida de fruta I get from there!

Don't let its appearance fool you...this little buddy is life CHANGING.

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